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U.S. Chip By Numbers


You have likely been hearing about chips lately. Not the kind found in a bag and covered in salt. At MasterCard, we have been focused on a different kind of chip – what our industry calls EMV.


You can (or will soon) find a small silver or gold square on your credit and debit cards. This technology is just one of the many ways we’re providing peace of mind, protecting your account against fraud and ensuring your card can be used when you shop and travel.

Let us give you a quick snapshot of the latest chip buzz. Please click here, if you want more information.

What’s that chip on my card?

  • 40% of all U.S. MasterCard-branded consumer credit cards are chip cards./

If you don’t already have a chip card, reach out to your bank or credit union to ask when it will arrive or request a card 

 chip by numbers - chip transactions terminal

What’s in stores?

  • Over 350,000 U.S. merchant locations accept chip card payments/
    • One-quarter (26 percent) of national and regional merchants – stores and restaurants with multiple locations – have started to accept chip cards
    • Over 320,000 local merchants – those with single locations – accept chip cards
    • There was a 446 percent increase in chip transactions in August 2015 from August 2014.

Unsure where you can use your chip card? Simply follow the instructions on the terminal or ask the store clerk for help. Click here to see how we’re giving local merchants a checkout makeover.

 chip by numbers - chip card merchants us

 What’s on your mind?

  • 75 percent of cardholders agree the increased security of the chip cards greatly reduces the ability for thieves to copy or use their cards for unauthorized purchases//
    • The same number expect to use their chip cards everywhere they shop today

Peace of mind is knowing your personal information is safe, wherever you are.

What’s at your fingertips?

  • Paying with a chip card is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Insert the Card: Insert the card face up with the chip toward the terminal and leave it there
  • Follow the Prompts: Provide your signature or PIN as prompted
  • Remove the Card: When the terminal says the purchase is complete, remove your card