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What’s Your Online Persona

Is there really such a thing as an online personality? According to a new global study from MasterCard, the answer is, yes. The Digital Sharing andFlickr Photo: MasterCard Digital Sharing Infographic: What's your Online Persona Trust Project shows that consumers actually shed their “real-world” identities when they go online and assume “digital personas” that better reflect how they feel, what actions they take around their personal information and how much value they place on their own data. These five online personas –Open Sharers, Simply Interactors, Solely Shoppers, Passive Users and Proactive Protectors—are spread evenly throughout the global population and ignore any regional or demographic boundaries.  For more details, view the full press release and download the consumer research report titled, “Around the World in Five Personas.”

Curious to find out your online persona? Take our brief personality quiz and see which type you most resemble!