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London, UK – 10th September 2015 – MasterCard have partnered with ASK Italian, Zizzi (both part of the Azzurri Group) and Carluccio’s to bring their customers a more convenient, speedier and fuss-free way to pay for their meals via the Qkr! with MasterPass app on their phone.

The Qkr! app, developed by MasterCard Labs, allows diners to pay for their bill as and when ready and offers the following benefits:

  • Convenience – Customers are in control of how and when they pay. If in a hurry they can pay as soon as they wish or when dining with friends or colleagues they can split the bill and pay.
  • Simplicity – The app is easy to download and customers can register with any payment card, not just a MasterCard.
  • Security – MasterCard processes 65,000 secure transactions a minute. Diners can be reassured their transaction will be safe and secure.

MasterCard partnered with wagamama earlier this year to launch Qkr! with MasterPass in the UK. It was the first restaurant chain to offer this new innovation in payments from MasterCard and has been a real success story for wagamama. Its popularity means new features will be made available soon, enabling wagamama diners to browse the menu using the app and order extra food or drinks straight to their table.

Scott Abrahams, Group Head of Acceptance and Emerging Payments, MasterCard UK&I said:With ASK Italian, Zizzi and Carluccio’s all soon to be offering Qkr! with MasterPass, their customers will have greater convenience, simplicity and security when paying their bills. We are confident that their customers and the restaurants themselves will mirror wagamama’s experience, where both parties really benefit. Customers can enjoy their meal in the time they have and pay when ready, and restaurants can turn tables around more quickly and serve more customers.

Abrahams continued: “Qkr! is a flexible and powerful payment option and lends itself to environments beyond restaurants, such as cinemas and sports stadiums. We are delighted that three more major high street restaurants are joining Qkr! and we will continue to scale up the app for consumers in the UK and around the world.”

Doug Wooten, head of IT for the Azzurri Group commented: “Our customers are great at giving feedback and we know that they are looking for faster and more convenient ways to pay. By working with MasterCard and implementing Qkr! our restaurant teams can focus on delivering great service to customers and serving our fantastic food. We know that splitting bills is pain point for our customers and if they choose to pay with Qkr! It offers them a convenient solution, together with paperless receipts on the app for easy reference. This is all within a secure and trusted app that is easy for everyone to use with their card of choice.”

Jon Taylor, Head of IT, Carluccio’s Limited said: “Qkr! with MasterPass will give Carluccio’s customers another option to pay for their food and drink using a fuss-free app on their phones. It will allow them to pay as and when they are ready, speeding up the process for time-conscious diners and allowing groups to easily split the bill amongst themselves.”

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services/ technology is integrated at the core of the Qkr! solution, it simply and efficiently connects restaurants and enables safe, end-to-end payment acceptance across all major payment brands. MasterCard continues to invest in its global Payment Gateway solution, to provide merchants, partners and their developers the tools to support new technologies and enable smart, safe and simple payments whether online, offline or via a mobile app.

Qkr! with MasterPass app is available for wagamama diners and will be available for customers at Ask Italian, Zizzi and Carluccio’s towards the end of 2015. The app can be downloaded from The App Store or Google Play.


Ked Mather, MasterCard UK&I: +44 (0)775 330 0375

Adam Keal, MasterCard UK&I: +44 (0)7710 916 144

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Doug Wooten, Azzurri Group: +44 (0)20 7535 4068

Francesca Smalley, Carluccio’s: +44 (0)20 7436 1111

Note: /MasterCard Payment Gateway Services incorporates payment gateway brands DataCash, MiGs and TNS Payment Gateway

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