Innovative Pop-Up Platform Provides Resource for U.N. Summit on Sustainable Development Goals

New York, N.Y. – September 14, 2015 – With the world’s attention turning to the post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda later this month, the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth, in collaboration with News Deeply, today launched the Inclusion Hub, an innovative pop-up content portal featuring original reporting and educational content on advancing sustainable growth.

The site,, features perspectives from top thinkers and dynamic players alongside on-the-ground reporting from seasoned journalists. As a result, visitors will gain additional insights on the innovative technologies and global policy shifts driving financial inclusion.

“One of the big impediments to alleviating poverty is this notion of making sure that people are included in the formal financial economy,” said Shamina Singh, executive director of the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth. “Financial inclusion is the tool we can use to get to a place where we will have more inclusive economies.”

In one landmark feature, photojournalist Séverine Leboucher presents images of grassroots inclusion initiatives, captured in a year-long voyage around the world.

“While reporting on traditional finance in Paris, I heard of the challenges faced by half of the world’s population because they could not access basic financial services. I decided to meet Colombian, Indian, Kenyan women fighting to manage their shoestring budget with the help of innovative organizations,” said Leboucher. Their profiles are captured in an original collection on the Inclusion Hub platform.

The Inclusion Hub is timed to launch in advance of the 70th annual United Nations General Assembly held in New York. It will serve as a resource for public- and private-sector participants in the coming weeks of debate on the future of global prosperity.


About the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth is focused on the long term equitable economic growth of countries and communities.  By combining MasterCard resources – including data, expertise, technology and philanthropic investments – we seek to advance financial inclusion and connect leaders on the front lines of inclusive growth. Follow us on Twitter @CNTR4growth and subscribe for the latest news and perspectives from our site.

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