The Dutch take first steps towards mobile payments as many cards in the country will be PayPass enabled

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Amsterdam, 31 October 2012Dutch banks ABN AMRO and ING will launch ‘contactless’ cards enabled with Maestro® PayPass™ in the Netherlands by mid-2013. Maestro PayPass gives consumers faster and more convenient payment options while shopping, which benefits merchants by reducing checkout time. PayPass users are able to tap their cards against payment terminals allowing payment details to be exchanged safely and effectively within seconds. This movement paves the way to the introduction of contactless mobile payments in the Netherlands in 2013.

 “Consumers and retailers really appreciate the speed and ease of contactless payments. There is a clear need for easy to use and efficient payment products”, says Gijs Schreuder, Director of Consumer Payments at ABN AMRO. Today, despite the number of card payment options, 63% of all point of sale payments in the Netherlands is still conducted with cash. Arjan Bol, ING’s Director of Payments, said: “We expect that with this quick and easy way to pay, consumers will be less likely to pay small ticket items with cash. This fits banks’ and merchants’ wish for safe and efficient payments.”

MasterCard Benelux Manager, David Dechamps, said: “This is a unique development, with two banks individually launching contactless payments in a country. Thanks to MasterCard’s collaboration with two of the leading retail banks, Netherlands will become the largest PayPass debit card country in Europe. This is a great development for both consumers and merchants alike in the Netherlands.

ABN AMRO and ING have pointed out this is a significant development towards consumers being able to pay with their mobile phones in a similar way. The banks expect that by the second half of 2013, consumers will be able to pay with their smart phones at the cash register.

Contactless and Convenient

As of June 2012, MasterCard’s PayPass is currently available in 41 countries around the world and PayPass has been deployed by over 100 issuers in countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. In Europe, there are 22 PayPass-enabled countries and more than 1 million PayPass cards have been issued in the UK, France, Turkey, Poland, Italy and Germany. To date, Poland is the most advanced PayPass country in Europe with more than 10% of all MasterCard and Maestro transactions tapped.  However, with the decision of ING and ABN AMRO to migrate their card portfolio to Maestro PayPass cards, the Netherlands will have the largest PayPass debit card footprint in Europe, making transactions easier for consumers and retailers.


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