MasterCard Worldwide recently partnered with Interpol to support the global police organizations efforts to prevent websites from supplying illegal and counterfeit prescription drugs and medicines to consumers. Named Operation Pangea III, the week-long effort covered 45 participating countries and resulted in 76 arrests to date. Additionally, 290 websites have been shut down and nearly 11,000 packages of contraband have been seized or detained.

MasterCard is concerned with any possibility that our cardholders could purchase illegal goods and services online, said Eileen Simon, MasterCard Worldwide Chief Franchise Development Officer. MasterCard engages with its customers, as well as regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies around the world, to help ensure that payment card transactions are legitimate and safe.

In addition to MasterCards recent efforts with Interpol and its partnering agencies to prevent illegal drug and medication sales, MasterCard also engages in a wide variety of ongoing programs and coalition efforts to prevent the sale of illegal goods online.

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