5,000 merchants affiliated with CartaSi include MasterPass™ in their on-line payment solutions

Rome –  18 February 2016 – MasterCard simplifies and speeds up online purchasing: 5,000 merchants affiliated with CartaSi have included MasterPass™ in their online payment solutions. MasterPass is MasterCard® global digital payment solution for e-commerce that eliminates the need to provide payment and shipping information for each transaction thus making purchasing easier and extremely secure.

Thanks to the agreement between MasterCard and CartaSi, MasterPass™ is now accepted by 90% of Italian e-commerce websites that operate online payments: therefore, online merchants can offer their customers a faster and more secure payment solution, significantly reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate.

At a moment in history where Italy’s e-commerce is experiencing continuous growth (+21.4% in 2015, source Osservatorio Acquisti CartaSi), the multi-platform approach for e-commerce is fundamental to make sure no business opportunities are missed. Exploiting technological innovations in the payment industry, in fact, allows merchants to adopt more and more effective solutions that guarantee them to remain competitive in the online channel that is expected to grow also in the future: in fact, in 2016 the forecasts made by the Osservatorio Acquisti CartaSi estimate e-commerce to increase by 15.9%.

“We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the collaboration with CartaSi, an ever increasing number of Italian merchants will join MasterPass, our global digital payment platform – commented Massimiliano Gallo, Head of Massimiliano Gallo, Head of Acceptance Development & Merchant Engagement Italy & Greece. – Our objective is to transform the digital payment sector and offer a simpler and more secure shopping experience, that allows consumers to pay via a simple click on any connected mobile device and retailers to reap the great potential of e-commerce, through state-of-the-art technologies”.

The objective of 5,000 merchants affiliated with CartaSi joining MasterPass is to further boost e-commerce, a channel that in 2015 represented 20% of all payment card purchases in Italy – stated Roberto Cartanzaro, Marketing Director of CartaSi – We believe that it is essential to provide our customers with innovative online payment solutions that are effective, convenient and secure so that e-commerce can continue to be a fundamental lever of the economy of our country”.

Among the categories of online shops that have opted for MasterPass to offer their customers more convenience and security with their online or in-app payments we find travel booking, tourist accommodation, consumer electronics and mobile phone websites where the ease-of-use and speed of MasterPass can help retailers increase sales, retain customers and reduce costs.

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MasterPass™ by MasterCard®

MasterPass™, MasterCard® global digital payment platform is the digital payment solution available in 29 countries throughout the world. Well over 250,000 merchants worldwide have joined MasterPass since it was launched in February 2013. MasterPass provides consumers with a digital wallet where they can save their cards and transfer all information in one place that is easy and secure, thus saving time. MasterPass can be used through different mobile devices worldwide. Sometimes, when the purchasing process via a mobile device is not straightforward consumers tend to abandon the process: MasterPass simplicity, speed and ease-of-use can help retailers increase their sales and cut down costs. Trenitalia, Alitalia, Italo, Media World, Vodafone, Aruba.it, Ibs.it,  Monclick and 3 Italia are among the Italian companies offering users the MasterPass platform.


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