“As Australia’s largest leading technology and entertainment retailer we’re obsessed about a great customer experience and the payments piece is an important part of this experience. The future of retailing is about a harmonious experience both in-store and online, and with the PayPass Wallet Services we feel we’ll be able to provide innovative payment solutions to our customers to deliver on this.”

Richard Murray, CFO, JB Hi-Fi

“As a retailer, most third-party services we analyze force us to make a trade-off. We gain some small piece of functionality in exchange for a slightly compromised customer experience. PayPass Online is different. This product facilitates sales without becoming a middleman in the transaction. We receive full ownership of our customer data and the money flows through our merchant account as usual. That means our PayPass Online orders enjoy our negotiated processing fees and require no special processing.”

Andrew Hoefener, COO,

“As a quintessential small business operating in today’s tough marketplace environment, is always looking for ways to add value to our customers and differentiate ourselves from the competition.  PayPass is a great solution that meets these goals by giving our customers a secure and efficient method for payment that makes the transaction, particularly in the mobile environment, a much easier way to buy online.  By pioneering this solution, it puts us at the forefront of ecommerce providers in our industry, and hopefully in the forefront of our customers’ minds when they need to buy scrubs.”

Michael G. McGrath, Owner,

“I’m ecstatic to be chosen as a Beta Merchant for PayPass because it means providing my customers with additional confidence and convenience with their online purchase. Especially since we cater to many tech savvy customers, offering PayPass is our way of utilizing technology to stay ahead of our competitors. As a small business owner, I naturally gravitate to PayPass since MasterCard does not act as a middleman.  Instead, it offers a convenient service I’d recommend without reservation.”



Financial Institutions

PayPass Wallet is an ideal solution for EURO 6000 because it allows us to offer a digital wallet for our own customers at the same time it enables global acceptance and simplifies their experience as user.”

Agustin Marquez, CEO of EURO6000

“We are excited to offer our customers PayPass Wallet, providing a simple and secure way to pay. Additionally, PayPass Wallet provides us with a flexible platform that can scale as consumers and merchants adopt mobile proximity payments.”

Jon Groch, Director of Bankcard Strategy and Innovation, Fifth Third Bank

“We understand the strategic importance of achieving true convergence in acceptance, security and simplicity across channels including the digital ones. MasterCard’s PayPass Wallet will help all the industry make real progress towards attaining that goal in the shortest timeframe possible.”

Maria Lorenzo, Director Card Payments, Grupo Banco Popular

“At BBVA Group, we aim to deliver customer experience tailored to meet their needs, and customers require an easy and convenient way to operate anytime, anywhere. PayPass Wallet is an example of a solution that adds value in this line.”

Grupo BBVA

“ICBA Bancard is excited to work with MasterCard Worldwide on the launch and implementation of PayPass Wallet Services, a transformational digital payments product – which we believe will enhance the product and cardholder experience for all of our community banks clients.”

Joe Shallow, Executive Vice President, ICBA Bancard

“Today’s PayPass Wallet Services launch puts payment power in the hands of consumers. Metro Bank is dedicated to excellent customer service and consumer choice, and welcomes this industry innovation.”

Aisling Kane, Chief Operations Officer, Metro Bank

“PSCU is excited to be the first in the credit union marketplace to test MasterCard’s PayPass Wallet Services. We are committed to embracing new payments technologies so we can deliver bold and innovative services to our member-owner credit unions to help them attract and retain members and expand revenue.”

Michael Kelly, President and CEO, PSCU 

“RBS Citizens Financial Group is excited to be one of the first banks to provide customers with the expanded convenience and payment options made possible through PayPass Wallet Services. This partnership with MasterCard is an example of our commitment to make it easy for Citizens Bank and Charter One customers to manage their finances when, where and how they want.”

Geoffrey Thomas, Executive Vice President and Head of Everyday Banking, RBS Citizens Financial Group


Technology Partners

“Apriva is very pleased to work with MasterCard in developing its PayPass Wallet Services, which provides a compelling framework for facilitating mobile commerce among merchants, financial services providers and consumers. Flexibility, scalability and choice will be increasingly important for all stakeholders who are looking to leverage the inherent benefits of mobile commerce. MasterCard PayPass Wallet Services creates a ubiquitous environment that will support all facets of the M-commerce ecosystem even as technologies and consumer preferences continue to evolve.”

Paul Coppinger, President, Apriva

“Providing the best payment experience for the world’s leading mobile app stores and content providers is at the core of our business. Our support for PayPass Wallet Services will enable our wide range of digital merchants to enable mobile users to quickly and easily pay from their mobile device.”

Ray Anderson, CEO, Bango

“CardinalCommerce is committed to enabling our merchant customers’ seamless support to a myriad of secure payment methods through a single connection to our platform. PayPass Wallet Services is an exciting innovation that will provide value to our merchants by allowing their customers an easier and more secure way to pay. Through this partnership we will be making PayPass Online immediately available to our merchant network and plan to enable thousands of merchants over the coming months.”

Tim Sherwin, Co-Founder and EVP of Strategic Alliances for CardinalCommerce 

“Consumers today require more convenient, personalized and seamless shopping and banking experiences. By delivering PayPass Wallet Services as part of our Digital River World Payments solution, we will be able to offer merchants not only more payment choices, but also a secure and streamlined process, regardless of the consumer’s wallet preference.”

Souheil Badran, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital River World Payments

“We’re continually looking for ways to help our customers deliver superior mobile experiences to their end consumers.  MasterCard’s flexible approach allows us to deliver a digital platform that integrates with our existing programs and ultimately improves the mobile shopping experience for consumers.”

Robin Kearon, VP Channels & Alliances, Kony Solutions, Inc.

“We built our network on the belief that consumers want a full range of options when they shop, and tools to get the job done efficiently.  With PayPass, our partners can give consumers the freedom to choose how they want to pay, and check out quickly and easily when they do.”

Dan Hess, CEO, Local Offer Network

“Ogone is dedicated to making it easier for the consumer to pay online and for the retailer to be paid. PayPass Wallet Services is a payment wallet solution designed to simplify the shopping experience while providing flexibility and choice to consumers and merchants. It was therefore an obvious decision for us to partner with MasterCard to offer PayPass Wallet Services as part of our unrivalled portfolio of payment solutions.”

Marcus W. Mosen, Chief Commercial Officer, Ogone Payment Services

“A wallet on your smartphone promises convenience and security at a new level. Within just a few years the traditional wallet in developed economies will be a thing of the past. I’m delighted that PayPass will enable 40,000 Sage Pay merchants to offer their customers more choice of how to pay online, and over time, in store through contactless, for the fast growing number of consumers with NFC-enabled devices.”


Simon Black, CEO, Sage Pay

“The launch of the PayPass Wallet Services strengthens the partnership between Mastercard and SIA allowing us to offer a new wallet service to the leading financial institutions in our markets. Our solution is foreseen to be fully integrated with PayPass Wallet Services, leveraging the wide PayPass acceptance network. Furthermore, the possibility to use the same wallet for SIA digital payment services, from mobile top-up, P2P money transfer, e-commerce and proximity mobile payments, will boost the convergence of the different customer experiences in a safe, easy and quick way”.

Nicola Cordone, Deputy Managing Director, SIA