New VEON platform plans to offer secure, one-click mobile payments to over 235m customers

BARCELONA – February 28, 2017 – Mastercard today announced a new business relationship with VEON, to bring Masterpass to their new VEON platform.

As an international communications and technology company offering voice, fixed broadband, data and digital services to more than 235 million customers in 12 markets, VEON plans to offer its subscribers the ability to manage their accounts, top-up their data, as well as buying content, products and services through partner retailers and services.

By integrating Masterpass, users of the VEON platform may benefit from fast, secure one-click payments to buy mobile airtime or make e-commerce purchases. Masterpass stores all payment information, including card details from Mastercard and other payment networks, in one convenient, secure place. Flickr Photo: Masterpass in stores

To complete a transaction, VEON users would simply need to tap the integrated Masterpass button within the platform.

AJ Hanna, Chief Mobile Financial Services Officer, VEON said: “VEON is our new personal internet platform integrating communication, messaging and everything the internet has to offer. It will use powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide users with relevant information, offers and services at exactly the right time and finally put the user in control. Buying things on the internet must be easy and seamless otherwise money gets left on the table.  That is why this partnership with Mastercard is so important. VEON users will be able to discover, shop, and consume on VEON with one click through Masterpass.”

Jorn Lambert, Executive Vice President of Digital Channels and Regions at Mastercard said: “Millions of VEON customers can now benefit from the speed and simplicity of one-click payments when they are on the new VEON platform. It will also give retail partners access to VEON’s huge customer base. We are driving more and more deals of this kind with global scale.”

The two businesses already have a long-standing partnership but under these new plans, Mastercard’s global footprint will allow VEON to scale the solution to its other markets around the world.

As well as the benefits to VEON’s 235 million subscriber base, the introduction of Masterpass to facilitate mobile payments would make the company an attractive partner to retailers, because it can make purchasing easier, and it can increase their revenues and reduce costs. It would allow VEON to open up a whole new range of services for its users through their mobile devices.

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VEON, a NASDAQ-listed global provider of communications services, formerly known as VimpelCom, aspires to lead the personal internet revolution for the 235 million customer it serves today, and many others in the years to come.

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