Mastercard creates Australia’s first feature-length motion picture without pictures, embracing an inclusive cinematic experience through sound

January 8, 2024 | Sydney, Australia



  • TOUCH, a film by Mastercard in partnership with Westpac, was directed by multi award-winning director, Tony Krawitz, and features globally recognized talent and crew.
  • The film will premiere at a special event at Westpac OpenAir on 13 February 2024. Tickets will go on sale at 4PM on Tuesday 9 January 2024, with all proceeds going to Blind Citizens Australia.
  • Mastercard has partnered with Humanitix to deliver a fully accessible and inclusive box office experience.

Mastercard, in partnership with Westpac, today announced ‘TOUCH’, Australia’s first ever pictureless feature-length film using only the power of sound.

Directed by award-winning director, Tony Krawitz (‘Into the Night,’ Jewboy,’ ‘The Tall Man’) ‘TOUCH’ follows a young man, Ben, who gets trapped in the consciousness of his father, Frank, after an experiment goes wrong. To escape, Ben must go on an epic adventure through his dad’s memory, learning more about a man he thought he knew.

Featuring globally recognized talents including sound editor Wayne Pashley (‘Elvis’, Mad ‘Max: Fury Road,’ ‘The Lego Movie’), composer Jonathan Dreyfus (‘A Night of Horror,’ ‘Fat Legs,’), ‘TOUCH’ was created by a diverse cast and crew with a shared ambition to redefine what the cinematic experience could be without pictures orienting the storyline.

Tony Krawitz, Director, said, “What would it be like to be in a cinema with hundreds of people and only focusing on sound? A movie without pictures? TOUCH is a one-of-a-kind story that explores a man’s mind, his memories, his tics – all without images. The film has been designed for people to enjoy, and to enable people to experience what it’s like not to have your vision to orient you. To make the audience use their ears as if they’re detectives, gripped by what’s going to happen next.”

Throughout the film’s production, leading inclusive filmmaking organization, Bus Stop Films supported on the production with a series of focus groups, including people who are blind and low vision, to inform and direct the outcome of the film. During the film’s production Bus Stop also supported blind and low vision crew members in roles such as project consultants and director's attachments, ensuring all roles were steered by the crew member's passion and skills.  

Ben Phillips, Krawitz’s attachment, actor from Offspring and aspiring film director said, “For those like myself who are blind, our appreciation of film often relies heavily upon the audio experience, so when a film’s sound evokes emotion, it can paint a colorful picture in our imagination. Working on TOUCH has allowed me to collaborate creatively on such an inclusive film, unlock opportunities in production, and showcase to Australia how content can be experienced, without the limitations of ability or disability.

With ‘TOUCH’ set to premiere at a special event at Westpac OpenAir on 13 February 2024, Mastercard and Westpac OpenAir have worked together to create an inclusive event experience, including a collaboration with Humanitix to deliver an accessible box office experience.

Deb Deshayes, CEO of Blind Citizens Australia, which consulted on TOUCH, said, “It’s crucial to have entertainment that not only considers people who are blind or vision impaired, but also involves them in the whole development process. To have a film like TOUCH is an important step towards building a more inclusive future that will allow 500,000+ Australians to enjoy content like everyone else. For people who are blind or vision impaired, movies like this and the use of audio description make a huge difference to how we engage with media and socialize with our peers."

Earlier this year, Westpac became the first Australian issuer to roll out accessible cards with the Mastercard Touch Cardfeature, an innovative design system of simple yet distinct tactile notches to help people who are blind or low-sighted identify and differentiate their credit, debit and prepaid cards with just a touch.

Julie Nestor, executive vice president, Marketing and Communications, Asia Pacific, Mastercard added, “Mastercard believes innovation should always be driven by the impulse to include. By leveraging the power of sound, Mastercard is aiming to create an immersive experience transcending visual boundaries and redefining storytelling in cinema.”

Tickets for the premiere of ‘TOUCH’ will be available for purchase from 4PM AEDT 9 January 2024 until sold out. For more information, visit

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