The future of ... personalization

Entering the era of empathic AI

January 25, 2024 | By Vinecia Hill

“You can go into a store, talk to consultant, say, ‘I have light features and want this makeup,’ and they help you, but you can't do that when you shop online. Shopping Muse is designed to solve exactly that.”

In the latest episode of “What’s Next In,” Mastercard’s podcast that informally explores technology, innovation and ideas, host Vicki Hyman chats with Einat Haftel, the chief product officer at Dynamic Yield, the AI-powered experience operating system that helps companies build hyper-personalized digital experiences with great agility and speed. And in a modern world where personalization is key, Shopping Muse, Dynamic Yield’s new virtual digital assistant driven by generative AI, is bringing a new edge to conversational commerce.

Haftel discusses the future of personalization, how AI is evolving and how that is changing how people interact with it and trust its outputs. “I think AI will actually start to be empathic to the user and we are going to see people adapt,” she says.

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Vinecia Hill, Specialist, Global Communications