David Cronenberg, Susanna Nicchiarelli, Sandy Powell and Blanca Suárez together with Spike Lee to join the Mastercard masterclass on innovating the creative experience and the future of cinema

Venice,  28 August 2018 – Mastercard, official sponsor of the Venice International Film Festival for the second year in a row, reveals additional guests of the exclusive masterclass which will explore how innovation is enhancing the creative experience.

David Cronenberg, Susanna Nicchiarelli, Sandy Powell and Blanca Suárez, along with the previously announced Spike Lee, will gather in Venice for the session, which will be held at the Italian Pavilion of the Excelsior Hotel in Venice Lido on August 31, 2018 from 4 p.m., will feature a host of cinema greats and experts and feature a conversation regarding the future of cinema.

Together with Spike Lee, already announced as member of the panel, the masterclass will be joined by David Cronenberg, who will receive the Career Golden Lion this year. The Canadian director is among the most prestigious examples of unconventional authorship both in cinema and in the field of theatre and exhibitions, with his powerful visual art and his peculiar and unique style in direction through which he highlighted how science and technology can actually “contaminate” and “change” human body.  Susanna Nicchiarelli, Italian director, screenwriter and actress, will also join the masterclass, contributing with her innovating way of storytelling: with her latest work Nico, 1988 she won the Orizzonti Award during the 75th Venice Film Festival, a prize evaluating new trends in the expressive languages that converge in film, with her debut film Cosmonaut which explored the theme of the future in XX Century. With them, the Lady of Costume, Sandy Powell, 12-time candidate and 3-time winner of the Academy Awards, will join the talk. From drama fictions to the new classics (Cinderella, May Poppins Returns), the British costume designer has been able to constantly innovate her art, giving birth to unique and inimitable creations. The young and talented Spanish actress Blanca Suárez, with her charm and style, main character of Netflix series Cable Girls (Las chicas del cable), collaborating with many world famous directors such as Pedro Almodóvar and Alex de la Iglesia, represents a different side of the future of television and movie art, from the point of view of acting and in how the young talents of the Seventh Art can start something extraordinary.

Through its partnership with great experiences and events around the world, including the Venice International Film Festival, and its own legacy of iconic brand story making with the evolution of Priceless, Mastercard is working to create a movement where art, business, society and people can come together and explore a more inclusive and innovative future.

Mastercard engagement in Venice Film Festival and the creation of such an event as the masterclass, confirms the will of the brand to innovate the role that brands have in people’s lives being close to consumers' passions, but also to inspire people, starting something great, starting something priceless.

Mastercard's partnership with the Venice International Film Festival is part of a focused strategy that connects people to their passion for film in new and exciting ways. Mastercard is also a partner of the Cannes Film Festival and Berlinale in Berlin.  Through the creation of this masterclass Mastercard is focused on continuing to create priceless experiences, moments and surprises for its partners and cardholders, helping people experience their passions in new and exciting ways and in turn starting something priceless for themselves.




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About Start Something Priceless:
People today believe in the power of brands to effect positive social change, and that they themselves, have a duty to make the world a better place. Start Something Priceless is Mastercard’s global brand platform designed to inspire people to pursue their passion or purpose – a reminder that every day, we all have the power to create a memory, ignite a passion, make a difference, and even launch a movement.  It is intended to spark a new mindset and encourage people to take an action to create a positive impact in their lives, their communities or even the world.



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