Mastercard at Money 2020 Europe: Trusted Life Connections

May 16, 2019

Don’t miss the Mastercard booth from Monday 3rd June to Wednesday 5th June in The Rai in Amsterdam for this year’s Money 20/20 Europe (Booth location: Main Hall, B50).  We will have interactive demos that help show you more about how Mastercard’s innovative products and services are building trusted life connections to help people get from ‘to do’, to ‘done’ in a way that gives them freedom of choice, ultimate ease and total peace of mind. Plus, try your hand at recreating our sonic sound to win a plethora of prizes throughout the conference.

As our lives continue to be more digitally connected and interactive, the way we use and consume products, services and brands is no longer a simple exchange, but a relationship we build. When they aren’t taking to the stage to talk about everything from Open Banking and SCA to Fintech support developments, our senior executives will be ready and willing for briefings in Amsterdam to tell you all about Trusted Life Connections and update you on our latest business news.

Here is who will be available in the Rai this year:

    •  Jason Lane - Executive Vice President, Market Development, Europe, International Markets
      Jason is responsible for the development of the business strategy, acceptance development, merchant relationship management, customer economics, and government partnerships. He is adept at speaking on both Mastercard solutions and products as well as industry trends for the likes of Open Banking and Fintech Developments
    • Gilberto CaldartPresident, International
      Gilberto Caldart is President, International, for Mastercard. In this role he is responsible for the management of all markets and customer-related activities outside of North America and Canada. Gilberto is a member of the company’s management committee
    •  Liz OakesExecutive Vice President, Market Development, New Payments Platforms
      With more than 20 years of experience in the design of payment systems, Liz is an expert in the central clearing and settlement systems and in bank payment systems all around the world.  As well as system design, she can talk to the governance around SEPA, Faster Payments and Bacs systems in the UK. Liz is knowledgeable on the impact of real-time payments, open banking and PSD2. She is also a keen advocate for women’s financial inclusion in payments.
    • Paolo Battiston - Executive Vice President, Digital Payments & Labs, Europe
      Paolo is responsible for the management and development of emerging payment products across Europe, including e-commerce, m-commerce, p2p payments, contactless and inControl
    •  Amy NealeVice President, Product Management Products and Innovation
      Amy Neale is the global lead for startup engagement at Mastercard who spends her time getting new technologies into people’s hands. More specifically, she leads a team of former founders, techies, financial services gurus and startup fans to identify, mentor and partner with startups from across the globe to build the future of commerce together
    •  Paul Stoddart - President, New Payments Platforms
      Paul oversees the development and strategic integration of Mastercard’s real-time payments capabilities. Among these solutions are Vocalink’s account-based payments, cross-border payments, including the HomeSend joint venture, and Mastercard Send.
    • Jim WadsworthSenior Vice President, Open Banking Products and Innovation
      Jim has a particular expertise in payments and open banking / PSD2 and can speak not only about Mastercards plans and innovations but also about the industry more generally
    • Jorn LambertExecutive Vice President, Digital Solutions
      Jorn is responsible for our relationships with the tech players – from device makers to telcos and social networks

Among the highlights at this year’s Money 2020 Europe:

    • Our stand will feature demos that showcase innovations reflecting freedom of choice, ultimate ease and total peace of mind. They will include developments in the AR world, a cashless ATM, voice commerce innovations and payment technology for Wearables.
    • Monday 3rd June: Paul Stoddart will take part in a panel debating How Do You Benchmark Innovation in 2019? during the morning sessions. In the afternoon Amy Neale offer her view on Successful & Unsuccessful Approaches To Internal Innovation, before Liz Oakes finishes day one with her input into Card Schemes Vs Instant Payments Schemes
    • Wednesday 5th June: On the final day, Mark Barnett will be a panellist on the Fintech Unplugged Live Podcast covering Changing Customer Journeys in Payments and our President, Gilberto Caldart will be leading the keynote with our special guest, technology guru, Martha Lane Fox to discuss Open Banking, Open Technology
    • EWPN: As the proud headline sponsor of the EWPN annual conference, Rose Beaumont will be opening the awards dinner on Tuesday 4th June and Claire Thompson will be leading the keynote at the conference on Wednesday 5th June. Amy Neale will also be opening the Fintech track on the Wednesday.

Be sure to visit the Mastercard Newsroom and follow @MastercardEU on Twitter for updates throughout Money 2020 Europe.