Mastercard offers digital and data apprenticeships to its employees

October 6, 2023

Mastercard has launched new apprenticeships to help its employees learn new skills, improve career development opportunities, and support diversity across its business.

Mastercard is working with tech start-up Multiverse to deliver the courses, which offer advanced part-time training to help apprentices get better at using data, whether that’s by learning how to analyse data sets, or using data to make better decisions.

Half of the employees taking the apprenticeships are aged over 40, reflecting the increasing demand for life-long learning and mid-career training.

The initiative also supports diversity across the company and creates opportunities for those that are traditionally underrepresented. Of those that joined the first cohort, almost two thirds are women, bucking the trend of traditionally male-dominated tech and data roles

Kelly Devine, Division President, UK and Ireland at Mastercard, said: “Digital and data analytics skills are so important for our business, whether we’re using AI to detect fraud, designing the next generation of payments, or using data to solve problems. People often have preconceptions of apprenticeships, but half of our apprentices are experienced professionals, which shows how important it is to offer training and new skills at any age or life stage.”

Marybeth Altwig, Product Management Specialist at Mastercard commented: "I've had a really positive experience on the data programme and the skills and knowledge gained have enabled me to progress my career at Mastercard. I was able to move into a new role in product management where I use my new skills on a daily basis. I've also become more productive and efficient and have been able to focus on my development."

Josh Berle, Account Management Director at Mastercard, enrolled in the first cohort and said: “The apprenticeship is giving me the opportunity to learn something new and gain really useful skills that I use every day. It’s making my job more interesting as I can use data tools more effectively and gain useful insights. 

“Having time to devote to professional learning has enabled me to focus on myself in a way that I know will help me throughout my career. It's about taking some time to invest in yourself in order to be able to develop more effectively for yourself, your company and your customers."

Peppa Wise, Vice President, Go to Market at Multiverse, added: “Getting access to the best jobs of the future will depend on having the right skills, and we know that people want to access the training that will unlock those skills.

“What Mastercard is doing, through apprenticeships, is breaking down the barriers for its people to access that world-class training. Apprentices will learn in-demand skills, fully funded and while they work. And they’ll continually apply their learning, driving results for Mastercard in the process.”

Earlier this year, Mastercard was named a “Best Place to Work 2023” by Glassdoor in their Employees’ Choice Awards in the UK.

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