Mastercard and PrestaShop join forces to revolutionize online payments with Click to Pay

April 29, 2024 | PARIS, FRANCE
Click to Pay is an innovative payment solution that eliminates the need for passwords and card details, ensuring secure and streamlined transactions.

In an era of rapid digitalization of financial services, PrestaShop, a world leader in e-commerce solutions, has joined forces with Mastercard to introduce Click to Pay: a payment solution designed to simplify and enhance the online payment experience for consumers across Europe.

Click to Pay offers a seamless payment experience, enabling consumers to use their payment cards without the need to manually enter their card details or remember a password. All payment information is securely centralized in a single profile, facilitating easier management of payment methods.

Click to Pay is based on EMVCo standards, supported by all major bank card networks, aimed at facilitating international interoperability and the acceptance of secure payments. This solution not only optimizes user experience by reducing cart abandonment but also enhances transaction security through "tokenization."

In the context of payments, tokenization transforms sensitive card details into a non-sensitive set of characters known as a "token." This process ensures that personal information is never exposed during transactions.

"With Click to Pay, we are delivering a tangible response to consumer and merchant demands for faster and safer transactions. This technology represents a significant step forward in the future of digital payments, where efficiency and security go hand in hand", said Valerie Nowak, Executive Vice President, Product and Innovation, Mastercard Europe.

“We are proud to enable our merchants to benefit from Click to Pay, a technology that represents the future of online transactions. Our partnership with Mastercard reflects our joint commitment to innovate and continually enhance the experience for both merchants and consumers”, added Eric Senechal, Managing Director, PrestaShop.

Merchants based in France, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom who utilize the PrestaShop platform will be the first to have access to integrate Click to Pay. This functionality will subsequently be extended progressively to other European and international markets.

The partnership between Mastercard and PrestaShop surrounding Click to Pay marks a pivotal moment for the future of online payments in Europe. By merging Mastercard's technological expertise with PrestaShop's robust platform, this initiative not only promises to enhance the efficiency of online transactions but also to elevate the standards of security and convenience for European merchants and consumers.


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