Doing well by doing good: How Mastercard employees demonstrate commitment, energy, and passion through the power of volunteering

December 13, 2021 | By Paloma Real

Charity starts at home. A saying that encapsulates the idea that the most effective way to positively change the world is to start within our own communities. It is an ethos that we share and practise here at Mastercard, as we aim to transform lives and inspire those around us by driving sustainable change on a local level. After all, what value does a successful business have if it does not benefit the society we live in?

So, to make a positive mark on a global scale, we believe that we must first recognise and support the amazing charitable efforts that lie within the foundations of our local markets across Europe.

It is for this reason that 5 December – International Volunteer Day – is such an important date in our company calendar. It is a day to recognise the kindness and generosity of volunteers around the world and shine a light on those who willingly dedicate their time and energy to make the world a better place.

I’m proud to say that many of my Mastercard colleagues are amongst the determined, committed and responsible individuals that was celebrated on 5 December. In line with our commitment to encourage charitable practice, all Mastercard employees can take an additional five days of leave per year to engage in community initiatives.

This is a step that has led to some amazing voluntary work across Europe. This includes here in Spain where we participate in a wide variety of volunteering projects all year round that make us proud to be part of the Mastercard family.

Earlier this year, for example, several Mastercard Spain employees delivered a workshop alongside Down Madrid, a foundation providing support to people living with Down’s syndrome and their families. Our colleagues organised a session full of fun, informative activities to help educate participating children and family members about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Then, as recently as 25 November (Thanksgiving), eight of our colleagues spent the day preparing and serving meals to visitors at a community kitchen in the Madrid neighbourhood of Vallecas. Even now, as we look ahead to Christmas, the entire Mastercard Spain office is busy collecting toys to donate to the Fundación Aladina – a non-for-profit organisation that supports children and teenagers living with cancer, and their families.

These are just a handful examples behind a wider company commitment to volunteering that extends well beyond our own borders. This year, 313 Mastercard employees volunteered across 19 countries in Europe, dedicating a total of 6,085 hours to charitable projects. This is an increase from 2020, during which 290 employees dedicated a total of 4,630 hours to charity across 12 countries, which I think can we agree still stand tall as exceptional figures.

Moving into 2022, we are confident that these figures will continue to rise. Recent data collected internally shows that 92% Mastercard employees believe that partaking in community initiatives can help to strengthen team bonds and develop personal skills. Furthermore, 86% of those surveyed said that volunteering has a strong positive impact on their job satisfaction.

Underpinning the local volunteering action conducted by Mastercard employees across Europe, the organisation also runs a series of important initiatives to support important global causes.

Since 2015, for example, Mastercard has teamed up with the World Food Programme to combat the cycle of hunger and poverty in disadvantaged communities around the world. The partnership has opened doors for our employees to complete four-week missions to analyse the economic impact of school meals, with a view to helping local governments better understand the meals’ benefits to both children and the economy. The programme has seen our colleagues carry out missions in Bolivia, Cambodia, Ghana, Indonesia, the Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and many more.

Mastercard is also committed to improving STEM education around the world, as exemplified by our Girls4Tech™ initiative. The educational programme was designed to transform girls’ lives, by encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Our employees support the initiative by acting as role-models and mentors, offering valuable insight into Mastercard’s payment and technology innovations. Since its launch in 2014, Girls4Tech™ has reached two million girls in 45 countries and now aims to reach five million girls worldwide by 2025.

At Mastercard, we believe that no one is an island. So, we encourage employees to get involved in community projects and we promote generosity as a key value for future leaders within the company. This year, we are celebrating the fifth edition of our CEO Force for Good awards, which has so far highlighted the achievements of over 200 employees participating in community work worldwide.

I encourage you to celebrate the exceptional role played by charitable initiatives in bettering our societies. Volunteering requires commitment, energy, and passion, and is a key principle of Mastercard’s philosophy, as illustrated by our company mantra: Doing Well by Doing Good.

Paloma Real, Country Manager Spain, Mastercard

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