Small Business

More than just a plant shop– growing a small business in the heart of the Barcelona community

December 4, 2023

Partner duo Jesús and Pancho, fuelled by a passion for plants, founded their botanical design and plant collectors studio in 2017.


Based in Barcelona, the business sells a wide variety of species from tropical plants, cacti, succulents and air plants. 

It’s more than just a plant shop. Jesús and Pancho are proud to have created a meeting place for plant lovers and botanic enthusiasts alike – inviting them to share information, tips and tricks, and explore the link between humans and the environments we inhabit.  

“At Casa Protea we are dedicated to botanical design, working with plants and flowers in a creative way to encourage the local community to reconnect with nature.”
— Jesús Monteagudo

Jesús and Pancho have a unique business strategy, viewing the shop less as a profit generator, and more as an outlet for their shared love of plants. It’s this mentality that has enabled their business to thrive.  

Reflecting on how it all began, the couple share that making the decision to start a small business and the early days were the hardest: 

“The first year is crucial, but we were fortunate enough to receive good local reception since opening. Being a small business does mean having to manage every element of the day to day; from orders, sales, accounting, social networks and more.”
— Jesús Monteagudo

Casa Protea is no stranger to the benefit digital tools can provide their business, with 95% of its transactions processed digitally. The business is also taking steps to implement new digital payment capabilities, including a digital accounting system. 

Supporting Europe’s Small Businesses 

In a recent study, Mastercard found that while family businesses have rapidly adapted to the digital-first world ushered in by the pandemic —  nearly half (47%) increasing their use of digital payments — a significant number (28%) were still unsure of which solution would best support them.  

“As businesses such as Casa Protea expand and thrive, Mastercard is passionate about supporting their growth – providing the tools, insights and guidance that will enable small business across Europe to flourish,” says Mark Barnett, President, Mastercard Europe.